June 9, 2011

Marijuana History | Harry Anslinger’s ‘Gore File’

June 9, 2011
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Harry Anslinger’s Gore File, (examples of bestial crimes committed by Marihuana Addicts), contained numerous fabricated and even some, out and out phantom cases. Now evidence (via the National Archives) is turning up that even Anslinger was worried about the number of fake Gore File cases being added and (starting around Oct of 1937) ordered his field agents to actually do some investigation into possible new cases. Needless to say his agents found out that many of these so-called Bestial crimes committed under the influence of medical marihuana were actually nothing more than lawyers trying to get their clients to be found, not guilty, via the Reefer Madness defense.

Below is a list of “(known cases) that the Bureau of Narcotics investigated but were found to be so fake that (to the best of our knowledge), they never even made it into the Gore File.

— June 1938 – Criminal Attack and killing by 14 yr. old boy (alleged Marihuana user) on a 6 yr old girl. [Investigation showed the story about marihuana use was made up]

— March 1939 — Man under the influence of marihuana jumps (or was pushed) out of 5 story building. Now want’s to be informer. individual was found to have mental problems]

— Nov. 1941 – Gang of Marihuana Crazed Hoodlums Leave Bloody Trail — [— “the headlines read, “Gang of Marihuana Crazed Hoodlums Leave Bloody Trail.” Questioned, the scribe had nothing tangible on the marihuana angle and claimed that the heading had been composed in the editorial room. — The Traffic In Narcotics]

— Jan.1941- Suicide by former beauty queen, marihuana found in room.

Its a trap!— 1941 — Rape committed by marihuana smoker, — investigation found that the subject + defense made the story up

— Dec 1936 — Gang of Marihuana tuffs blow up a powder house, lots of people killed — Investigation shows one of the gang made up the whole story

— Nov 1940 — Prostitute kills husband /pimp, Marihuana involved. — wife was found not guilty

— Dec 1941 — Marihuana user, assault his father, step mother with intent to kill –
[IV-Case investigation showed individual involved had other problems]

— Mar 1941 — Cold blooded murder and rape, committed by Marihuana addict, James Moody —investigation shows that Mr. Moody did NOT make use of marihuana

1937-1938 — Attacks on women who were lured through false advertisements for work – Use of marihuana defense, but no evidence.

— Sep 1938 — Marihuana Addict gets 1-3 yrs. for arson charges — Investigators believe that he was just trying to use the Marihuana defense for popular during the reefer madness era.

— June 1937 — Marihuana addict kills three in New York – — One of H. Anslingers Gore file cases, but later on even he admitted that it was a fake.

— Aug 1941 — Murder, marihuana addict kills on the high seas –— No evidence of marihuana found

— April 1941 — Knife attack by colored Navy cook while under the influence of marihuana. — investigation showed his story could not be believed.

— Aug 1938 — Man crucified in the desert by two marihuana addicts — investigation shows that individual crucified himself and that the incident had nothing to do with marihuana

evil cop— April 1938 — Robbery committed while under the influence of marihuana — marihuana use could not be verified

— Oct. 1938 — Murder by crazed Negro of Police officer — — Investigation found no evidence of marihuana use.

— Aug 1939 — Suicide and murder by marihuana growers — Investigation showed that the marihuana found on farm was not planted by the individual involved and that he had been suffering from mental illness for some time.

— Mar 1941 — Marihuana drives boy insane — Investigation showed that newspaper article was fictitious

— Nov. 1939 — hatchet attack by marihuana addict -— Investigation reveled that no marihuana was used and that the assailant had mental health problems.

— Aug. 1941 — Bad driver, accidentally killed a child while operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of marihuana – Investigation reveals that driver suffered from alcoholism.

— Mar 1938 – Official Detective Magazine article – Article was not verifiable.

— Jan 1939 — Police officers son, kills and is killed, marihuana to blame -— Investigation indicates that no marihuana was involved.

— Jan 1938 – Jack Morgan, the crazed houseboy and seaman involved in murder -— No evidence found of marihuana use.

Published with special permission from THE Antique Cannabis Museum

Antique Andy
Museum Curator


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