July 20, 2014

Marijuana Prohibition Enforcement Continues In Czech Republic Despite Reform

July 20, 2014
Czech medical marijuana pharmacies

Czech medical marijuana pharmaciesFive years ago the Czech Republic reformed its marijuana laws. Possession of up to 15 grams of marijuana and cultivation of up to five plants is no longer a prosecutable offense. Instead, if those limits are not exceeded the penalty is a fine. There was speculation that these reforms would make Prague the ‘new Amsterdam’ of Europe. While Prague is definitely a cannabis friendly destination, it is still not the free-for-all that some expected.

Law enforcement in the Czech Republic seems willing to turn a blind eye to small possession and cultivation, but they are still very much cracking down on larger operations. Per Sensi Seeds:

Five years ago, when the Czech Republic’s liberal management of cannabis consumption and cannabis growing manifested itself in the form of one of the most liberal cannabis laws in the European Union, in many places it was believed that Prague was becoming the new Amsterdam of Europe. However, the police made it clear right from the start that growing cannabis for commercial objectives would be persecuted, and that the opening of coffee shops operating under a different guise would not be tolerated. While the possession of 15 grams of weed or five grams of pot and the growing of up to five hemp plants is no longer a prosecutable offence, but rather subject to a fine, Prague isn’t becoming the new Amsterdam.

While I’m a fan of decriminalization, the scenario in the Czech Republic highlights the need for further reform. There is large scale grow operations and sales occuring right now in Washington State and Colorado, with virtually no problems and huge benefits. I’d like to see the Czech Republic, and the world for that matter, get on board with the next great industry. Uruguay is set to start their legalized industry next year. I’m hopeful that more countries follow suit.


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