April 15, 2015

Quantum 9 Aims To Land Lucrative Oregon Marijuana ‘Seed To Sale’ Tracking Contract

April 15, 2015
quantum 9 cannabis consulting

quantum 9 cannabis consultingQuantum 9, Inc. has selected the strategic alignment partner ArchitectNow as the technology implementation and development firm for the Oregon Liquor Control Board (OLCC) Seed to Sale System Request For Proposal (RFP). The partnership adds to the already very talented Quantum 9, Inc. technology platform development team. ArchitectNow is led by Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Kevin Grossnicklaus. The Microsoft MVP Award is an annual award given to the most outstanding members of Microsoft’s technical communities. Of 100 million technical community participants worldwide, only 4,000 are awarded Microsoft MVP status. Each year a panel of Microsoft employees reviews the contributions of each nominee for quality, quantity, and level of impact on the technical community. There are only 76 MVPs for ASP.NET in the United States and Kevin is one of them. Since 2009, Kevin has been recognized annually as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). He has been awarded the MVP award six (6) times in his development career placing him in the top tier of all MVPs in his field. Few technologists share his level of expertise, and bringing him and his team into the Seed to Sale implementation project places Quantum 9, Inc. as the most technologically suited firm to implement the solution.

Quantum 9, Inc. is considered one of the largest and most prestigious cannabis-consulting firms in the world. Few companies have such a wide array of talent and intellectual property, ranging from cannabinoid research to horticultural, manufacturing and dispensing best practices. This background within the cannabis industry makes Quantum 9, Inc. an ideal selection for the OLCC. Quantum 9, Inc. provides the real world and subject matter expertise that would enable the OLCC to skip lengthy discovery periods and jump directly into the vitally needed technical implantation process.

At the core of Quantum 9, Inc.’s intellectual property is the proprietary cannabis software platform, Atlas. Atlas is specifically designed for governmental oversight and tracking of statewide supply chain management, inventory and compliance. No other currently existing cannabis software has been developed specifically for this reason. Considering the OLCC’s current customization needs, and based on its eight-month timeline, only a two to three month time allotment can be dedicated to the extensive prototyping and customization phase of the project. Based on those requirements, the state’s only option would be to utilize a current off the shelf solution and a highly versatile implementation team to modify it.

Source: PR Newswire



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