December 30, 2011

Can Idaho Residents Buy Medical Marijuana In Oregon?

December 30, 2011
idaho cannabis

idaho cannabisMedical Marijuana Is Readily Available To Idaho Residents In Oregon

If you live in Idaho, and need medical marijuana, just cross the Snake River into Oregon. Of course there is the doctor visit and mailing your information and fee to the Oregon Health Authority first. For those in Idaho that are not aware of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program rules, out of state residents can participate in the program. You are not allowed to bring medical marijuana back and/or consume medical marijuana in Idaho, however, you can enjoy it as much as you want while you are in Oregon.

So once you get your Oregon medical marijuana paperwork in order, along with your proof of mailing, you are ready to consume medical marijuana in Oregon. All you need is a place to buy it right? Luckily for Idaho residents that are members of the OMMP, medical marijuana dispensaries are popping up in Eastern Oregon like weeds. I have cousins in Idaho that cross the river to avoid sales tax, why not avoid medical marijuana prohibition while you’re at it! I pasted a story below that talks about the medical marijuana boom in Eastern Oregon, as well as a piece about alcohol consumption dropping when medical marijuana is introduced in a state!

Study: When Medical Pot is Introduced, Alcohol Consumption Drops

Idaho residents are interested in Oregon’s medical marijuana dispensaries

Medical marijuana is for sale legally at the 45th Parallel dispensary in Ontario, Ore.One of the more interesting journeys of 2011 (and we had a few) occurred last March, when we visited a spot called the 45th Parallel, right across the Idaho-Oregon border. That’s where we found a medical marijuana dispensary, offering such varieties as chocolate chunk, blue dream and purple wreck.

What we discovered was an increasing number of Idaho clients who had recently bought property in Oregon, just so they could have legal access to medicinal pot for AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis and major skeletal injuries.

Moscow Republican Rep. Tom Trail told us that he was carefully crafting something called the Idaho Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act, which is expected to surface again when the Idaho Legislature convenes in a couple of weeks.

A new study, reported in today’s Missoulian, indicates that states that have legalized medical marijuana have seen a decrease in traffic fatalities and beer sales, as pot became a substitute for alcohol. To date, 16 states have passed laws legalizing medical marijuana.

The report, authored by D. Mark Anderson of Montana State University and Daniel Reese of the University of Colorado, is under review by the Journal of Law and Economics.

– Article originally from Boise Weekly, courtesy of Cannabis Culture.



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