March 30, 2016

Costa Rica Legislator: There Is Enough Support To Pass Medical Marijuana Bill

March 30, 2016
costa rica medical marijuana

costa rica medical marijuanaMedical marijuana reform is sweeping the globe. For a very, very long time cannabis was used for medical purposes with no issues. It wasn’t until prohibition started sweeping across the world that anyone even batted an eye at cannabis use for medical purposes. As more and more scientific research is conducted, and more personal success stories about medical cannabis become known, medical cannabis is being more accepted all over the planet.

A legislator in Costa Rica made headlines recently when he stated that there is enough votes in Costa Rica right now to pass a medical marijuana bill that was introduced in 2014. Per The Costa Rica Star:

A medical marijuana bill being debated in Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly since 2014 now has the necessary support to pass plenary by May 1st, according to Rep. Marvin Delgado Atencio, the PAC lawmaker who first presented the bill.

The bill, which now has the approval of lawmakers from almost all caucuses, seeks to legalize and regulate the cultivation of cannabis for the purpose of producing medicines and medical treatments, including tablets, suppositories, ointments, sprays, patches, and injections, amongst others.

The bill would create a research institute attached to the Ministry of Health, which would be responsible for conducting studies and granting licenses and permits.  The institute would also be in charge of issuing prescription cards for consumers.

Cannabis is a proven form of treatment for many ailments. Patients should not be forced to use inferior medicines if they don’t have to. The proposed bill in Costa Rica would carry a 7% tax on medical marijuana sales, which is estimated to generate up to $20 million annually for Costa Rica if the bill passes, which would be a great bonus on top of the relief that would come to patients.


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