March 2, 2016

Latest Poll Shows 65% Support For 2016 Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative

March 2, 2016
Florida medical marijuana

Florida medical marijuanaPolls can be deceiving, which is why I always tell people to take poll results with a grain of salt. However, polls are useful in trying to gauge support for something at a particular time. Polls are certainly better than just blind guessing. I always try to find as many polls as possible and kind of average them out. That is not always easy, as there’s sometimes only one poll out there, or only one recent poll out there.

A poll was released yesterday by Public Policy Polling, which found overwhelming support for Florida’s medical marijuana initiative. Per the poll:

It looks like there’s a good chance the second time will be the charm when it comes to getting a medical marijuana initiative passed in Florida. 65% of voters say they’ll vote for one this fall to only 28% who are opposed, passing the 60% threshold with some breathing room. There’s bipartisan support for the measure with Democrats (75/18), independents (70/22), and Republicans (53/40) all expressing their favor for it.

I remember during the 2014 campaign there were several polls which showed medical marijuana winning in Florida by an even larger margin of victory than this poll. When all of the dust settled, the lead disappeared and the initiative lost by just two percentage points on Election Day. Lets make sure that doesn’t happen this year and help get the word out to everyone you know in Florida. You can find out more about the Florida campaign at this link here.


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