October 7, 2013

Romania Legalizes Medical Marijuana

October 7, 2013
romania medical marijuana

romania medical marijuanaRomania has become the tenth country in the EU to legalize medical marijuana. This is welcome new for those that are suffering from various ailments in Romania. Up until now people have had to either use medical marijuana illegally or use harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

Other European countries that have legalized medical marijuana include Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Czech Republic, and Spain. I wonder how long the United States will sit on the sidelines at the national level. Not only does the Obama Administration refuse to legalize medical marijuana at a national level, but it continues to disrespect the will of voters at the state level by harassing medical marijuana program participants in states that have passed medical marijuana laws.

The United States federal government needs to step up an do what’s right and legalize medical marijuana at the federal level. Especially considering the US government produces medical marijuana for four federal patients, and owns patents relating to medical marijuana. History will look back on this hypocrisy and future American citizens will consider this area of federal policy to be a colossal failure.

Do you live in Europe? If so, how do you feel about Romania legalizing medical marijuana? Do you feel that there needs to be more ailments recognized for appropriate use? What country do you think will be next to legalize medical marijuana in Europe? If you live in America, how long do you think until the federal government here legalizes medical marijuana?


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