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Product Review: The Kettle by Ooze

The Ooze Silicone Glass Kettle Bubbler is a fun stand alone glass piece or can be an excellent addition to your collection. This hybrid piece is both durable and versatile, and has a flexible silicone body surrounded by a thick glass water chamber that easily pops in and out for more

4/20: Ways to Celebrate the High Holiday in 2019

420 or 4/20 or 4-20 or 4.20...however you read or write it, it is the quintessential stoner holiday, and it is on a Saturday in 2019 for the first time in years! While 4/20 proves to be enjoyable for cannabis advocates and aficionados year after year, being able to celebrate the more

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Happy 4/20!

BY ANTHONY JOHNSON  This April 20th also marks the first anniversary of the National Cannabis Coalition.  So many positive developments have occurred since our launch and we are so happy to have played a small part in this ongoing civil rights battle. Shortly after our launch, more

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Product Review: The Slim Twist Pro by Ooze

Ooze has recently introduced a newer version of their Slim Twist Pen...the Slim Twist Pro! This new pen comes in a kit and can work with both oil cartridges and concentrate vaping. This is an excellent starter kit for anyone just starting to get into concentrates, while still more