CO Governor Tells Other Governors To Avoid Marijuana Legalization

I have yet to hear a truly negative thing about marijuana legalization in Colorado.
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Tax revenues are greater than expected. No one has died. The sky didn’t fall. Tax dollars that were previously dedicated to arresting people for marijuana are now going to real crimes. As media outlets around the world have noted, marijuana legalization in Colorado has been a great thing.

But, apparently that’s not enough for Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. At this last weekend’s National Governors Association meeting in Washington the Colorado Governor was asked by many other Governors what he thought about legalization.

“It’s not a panacea,” Hickenlooper, 62, said in an interview according to the Herald Extra. “It’s not going to solve your revenue problems.” He went on to state, “I don’t think governors should be [in]the position of promoting things that are inherently not good for people,” according to the Huffington Post.

Governor Hickenlooper wouldn’t say which Governors approached him about this issue. I’d love to see an anonymous poll where Governors are asked if they would like nearly $100 million extra tax dollars a year, plus untold savings to law enforcement. I guarantee many of them would jump at that opportunity, but don’t publicly because it involves marijuana. In just about any other area of public policy it wouldn’t even be a question.

If you live in Colorado, how do you feel about the Governor’s comments? If you live outside of Colorado, do you feel that this will affect your state’s chances at legalization? I have to assume that this will be the new number 1 comment that we see from opponents like Kevin Sabet. Marijuana is inherently not good for people? I will end this article with a list of scientific articles that suggest otherwise:

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