Denver Airport’s Cannabis Enforcement Is Going Well

Cannabis may be legal in Colorado, but at the Denver airport, cannabis is still illegal. In January a rule was put in place at the Denver airport that prohibited cannabis possession, which carries a fine between $150 to a maximum of $999.
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Some Colorado airports have amnesty boxes placed around the airport where travelers can drop off their cannabis with no questions asked to avoid any issues. The Denver airport chose to not install those boxes unless there were a lot of issues with cannabis possession.

As is the case with all major airports in America, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) handles the security. In the event that someone is found to be illegally possessing cannabis, the person is detained by TSA, and the local police are called. So far, Denver police have not cited anyone for possession at the Denver airport, nor have they confiscated any cannabis products since the ban was put into place. In all, ten people have been stopped and questioned so far, but all cooperated and received no fines.

“To have contact with 10 people out of millions passing through, it tells me most people are abiding by the rules and this is not a major issue,” an official told the Denver Post.

Many cannabis opponents worried that people would come to Colorado under the disguise of a vacation, would then purchase as much recreational cannabis as possible, and smuggle it onto the plane to take to other parts of America. According to the Denver police and staff at the Denver airport, those worries were unfounded, despite the fact that tourism to Denver has seen a spike since legalization went into effect. This comes as no surprise to cannabis supporters, who knew the sky wouldn’t fall after legalization.

Cannabis legalization works, proven by how smooth things are going in Colorado, at the airport in Denver and beyond. Cannabis legalization has boosted tourism to Colorado, and I think the same thing would happen for other states that choose to follow suit. Are you planning a cannabis-based trip to Colorado soon? If so, make sure to consume all the cannabis you purchase there before you go back to the airport to avoid any fines or issues.