Medical Cannabis Legalization is Up for Vote in 4 States: Here’s How you can Help!

On Tuesday we published an article detailing how you can get involved with the five cannabis legalization initiatives up for a vote this November.
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However, there are four additional states voting this November on the legalization of cannabis for medical uses.

Below is how you can get involved with each of these efforts:


Florida’s Amendment 2 is in good position at the moment, with polling from July showing that 77% of voters in the state support the measure. However, polling was similarly high in 2014, when an almost identical measure failed at the ballot despite receiving over 50% of the vote (as with this measure, it requires 60% to pass). This makes it vital for proponents of medical cannabis legalization in Florida – and those outside of the state – to get involved in making sure that the 60% threshold is met this time.

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Very little reliable polling has been done on Oklahoma’s medical cannabis initiative, making it difficult to predict how the election will turn out. What is known is that Oklahoma is one of the more conservative states in the country, so passage here will show just how far public opinion has changed on the issue.

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North Dakota

North Dakota is in a similar position, with very little polling being done in recent months to give a good glimpse into where things stand. However, a 2014 poll found that a plurality of voters in the state support legalizing medical cannabis, and public support for medical cannabis in general has risen substantially in the last couple years, so there’s reason to be optimistic. There’s also plenty of reason to be cautious, too, so those in and out of the state should get involved in helping to spread the word!

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Arkansas’ situation is a bit confusing, as there are now two initiatives on the November ballot that would legalize medical cannabis. However, more proponents of medical cannabis seem to be in support of the measure put forth by Arkansas for Compassionate Care. This is the group behind the medical cannabis initiative that made the ballot in 2014 but was narrowly defeated, receiving over 48% of the vote.

This initiative, which was the first to make the ballot, allows patients to grow there own cannabis if they don’t live close to a dispensary, whereas the other initiative doesn’t.

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