Oregonians For Law Reform – Measure 80, Help Us Help Oregon

New Video Supporting Oregon’s Measure 80
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Marijuana legalization is on the Oregon ballot this November. I’m just one of over half a million Oregon adults who use marijuana annually and I’m asking you to vote Yes on Measure 80.

Measure 80 would finally end the futile prohibition of marijuana and institute regulations that treat marijuana like alcohol.

Measure 80 would end the façade of police trying to determine who is sick or healthy enough to put in a cage over a plant.

Measure 80 provides jobs and tax revenue that Oregon desperately needs, and institutes the industrial hemp crop our legislators already legalized.

Best of all, Measure 80 protects our children by imposing the same educational and ID-carding requirements that have brought teen alcohol drinking and tobacco smoking to their lowest-ever recorded levels.

Marijuana smokers are your family, your co-workers, and your friends, and we are one out of seven Oregon adults who deserve the same respect as our friends who enjoy fine Oregon wines and craft beers. We may be the only Oregonians who want to pay more taxes. Please donate to Oregonians for Law Reform at OregonLawReform.com and help us help Oregon by passing Measure 80.