Photo ID And Criminal Background Check Requirements For Patients?

I received the following e-mail from New MexiCann Natural Medicine in New Mexico:
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This is a heads up about a bad bill that was dropped (on the final day of filing) that would amend the Lynn and Erin CUA to require a photo identification and a nationwide “criminal history check for each patient, primary caregiver, practitioner, or producer as a condition of registration under the act,” which is to be repeated for every annual renewal. This bill is sponsored by Representative Wooley, District 36, a third year Republican Rep. from Roswell.

Click to read the text of the HB 594:

Arguments in opposition to HB 594:

  • This wasteful and burdensome bill will cost the state more than $30,000* annually, and will require countless additional hours of staff time. Because of the limited staff Patients will experience further delays in receiving their registration cards, a process that the administration already has difficulty completing within the 30 day timeframe given in the rules.
  • This is a mean-spirited measure that goes against the intent of the LECUA and implies patients are criminals. HB 594 creates an unnecessary burden on sick patients and further stigmatizes the medical cannabis patient population. There is no purpose in conducting criminal background checks on sick people who are seeking medicine; we are patients not criminals.

* = Quick-n-dirty calculation: $40 per criminal background check x 8,500 active patients = $34,000 annual cost to run checks

HB 594 has 2 referrals: House Consumer and Public Affairs and House Judiciary Committee

How you can help: Contact your representative at the Roundhouse and let them know you oppose HB 594 because it is economically wasteful to the state and a burden to patients.

Find your representative by clicking this link:

We’ll keep apprised of the movement of this bill – it has not been scheduled in committee yet.