Support Marijuana POWs On The 420 Holiday

While you are celebrating the April 20th holiday
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Remember that there are people sitting in prison right now for doing exactly what you are doing. There are people that are serving life sentences for marijuana, despite the fact that the same activity/activities are going on in several states in America right now, and it’s completely legal at the state level. There are even marijuana POWs serving time right now in states that have completely legalized recreational marijuana. It’s truly a sad thing.

Please keep POWs in mind this holiday, and support organizations that support marijuana POWs. Below are two organizations, along with descriptions from their websites and links to donate to them:

POW420 - POW420 is a general partnership dedicated to ending cannabis prohibition by focusing on Prisoners and their families, the true victims of war on cannabis, by exposing the tyranny of unjust laws that is cannabis prohibition. Donate at this link here.

Marijuana Lifer Project - The Marijuana Lifer Project’s mission is to insure that all those serving life sentences for marijuana, whether Life Without Parole (LWOP) or de-facto life, are released, as well as to bring awareness to this issue so that practice stops happening. Donate at this link here.