To All My Liberal Friends: Marijuana Is The New Swing Vote

I’ve fought along side you on many and varied issues over the years.
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Written by badweather

As many of you know, I am not a liberal. I’m not a conservative either. What I am is a free thinker. I don’t believe people are so horrible that we can’t govern ourselves and I believe strongly in the human capacity for cooperation. I lean to the left so the company I’ve kept has always been democrat and liberal.

I worked for ACORN for five very difficult years right up until the end. Sometimes 16 hour days and 4 hours of sleep. I lost my brother to suicide in 2008 while I ran a voter registration drive employing 400 people and registering 24,500 new voters in Indianapolis. Indiana, as we all know, is a very conservative state, which has voted democrat in a presidential election only three times in its history. We were significant players in getting Barack Obama elected. So I’ve earned your attention on this matter in my opinion.

I’ve put aside my issue of marijuana legalization for three decades and worked on social and liberal issues but the time has come to work on ending the war on drugs and in particular the war on Marijuana.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a saying: “It’s not the words of your enemies you remember, but the silence of your friends.

In the last year, I have been ramping up for the push to legalize marijuana in Illinois. For some reason my liberal friends are silent on this. Why?

Instead, Rand Paul is vocally in support of ending the drug war, or at least decriminalizing it. Is this what you want? Republicans to take up the mantle of legalization and rise to power on a wedge that will increasingly show democrats to be just as politically clueless as republicans?

But still, our democrat friends remain silent.

This is not right. Two states have voted to legalize Cannabis! Marijuana is the new swing vote. It’s time for liberals, and democrats to jump on this change. Don’t let republicans turn this into a wedge issue.

Allowing the police state to rise on the back of the war on drugs was a huge mistake. We could have fought harder, or remained less silent but for 40 years, we’ve been bashing hippies instead of admitting that we have been right all along. And my liberal friends have been silent. And the democrats are just as bad as republicans when it comes to every significant policy other than social issues. Barack Obama has only legalized and “legitimized” the indiscretions of George W. Bush much like the difference between Caesar and Augustus in ancient Rome. Barack Obama, though a member of the “Choom gang” whose sole purpose was to smoke pot together, has prosecuted more medical marijuana growers from states that have legalized than George W. Bush ever did. So of course, the hippies get tossed under the bus again by liberals, and democrats. Why?

Let me say this again: Weed is the new swing vote. Don’t continue making this same mistake, support our cause and help us stop the war on our medicine. Most of us would rather support the obviously socially progressive attitude of democrats, but are appalled at them ignoring the legalization of marijuana.

Stop remaining silent, it’s time you got in this fight.

Right now there is a legislative session break in the Illinois Legislature during which time we need to raise money to help our efforts lobbying Illinois legislators and push them in the right direction. Please consider making a donation to Illinois NORML today.

Please consider sending a donation to NORML, or the Marijuana Policy Project, the Drug Policy Alliance, or Americans for Safe Access to assist in lobbying efforts of people like myself who need marijuana for medicinal purposes. All four of these organizations do excellent work and are essential to our success, have been working for years, decades in some cases, and are extremely effective ways to help. Even a small amount counts.

Talk to your friends, let them know you support ending the war on drugs. Forward this message to them and ask them to get involved.

Marijuana is the safest, most therapeutic plant ever discovered according to DEA administrative law judge Francis L. Young.

It’s time to heal our planet and cannabis is a huge part of the medicine that we need both in environmental, economic and medical theatres, this plant, cannabis hemp can restore a sustainable economy based upon nature rather than petro chemicals, repairing our economy at the same time we heal the earth and our bodies.

Every day I read something new and exciting about some new therapeutic benefit of marijuana. What do you read every day about alcohol? Tobacco?

Many new things have come to light about cannabis, it’s a potential cancer cure / cancer prevention, is being looked at for it’s anti-Alzheimers potential, as well as its potential to treat and prevent diabetes. It is really the only non-toxic drug known, has never killed a person, is non-addictive because our bodies need it, and use it to modulate our immune systems, memory, and many other systems in the human and in fact all mammalian bodies. Because our bodies actually need cannabinoids, it stores itself in our fat cells. Drugs don’t usually do this because most drugs are toxic and must be eliminated quickly because of that. Not so with cannabinoids, and they derive their non-addictive nature from this fact.

Please take the time to look at the information I have gathered at several websites I personally maintain, get educated and get involved.

Small Marijuana Growers United and

Do not remain silent anymore. This is a natural liberal issue, but if you allow republicans to seize this as a wedge issue and merely have a contrarian knee-jerk response and pretend that the “weed heads” are just silly and Rand Paul is silly for supporting it, democrats will probably regret this decision. Because Rand Paul is a certain kind of crazy, but so are we all. You included. So when you write off people saying things like Drone kill lists are unconstitutional and marijuana should be decriminalized, just because the person has radical views otherwise, doesn’t do a bit of service to our country or our politics.

The 2016 presidential election is going to be a landslide referendum on marijuana. You might want to catch this wave.

I keep asking this question: “how do you ask the last person to die for the war on drugs?”

End the war on our medicine.

Update: Nancy Pelosi certainly has a better position on the marijuana issue than Rand Paul, but Elizabeth Warren could use some tips regarding this.

Contribute to the cause:

Americans For Safe Access

Marijuana Policy Project

Illinois NORML

Drug Policy Alliance