Toronto Medical Marijuana Center Raided Today

According to media reports out of Canada, Cannabis As Living Medicine’s (C.A.L.M.) Toronto location was raided by police
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“We know so far that over the last hour police are all over the Queens St. location,” said Chris Goodwin, manager of Toronto’s Vapor Central. “They’re in the alleys, in the building – a patient that tried to go in was told it was being raided and under police control, and that he couldn’t get his medicine there. Some of the cops were saying rude comments. It was check day, so all staff were in, and they had the most product as today is the busiest day.” C.A.L.M. issued the following public statement:


Earlier this afternoon our downtown location was raided. Although we are still piecing together the information, at this time we are temporarily closed. We will hopefully be resuming our services in the coming days so please check this forum regularly for further information.

We may be organizing a pro-CALM community gathering in the coming week, your attendance would mean a lot to everyone and the medical cannabis community as a whole.

We thank you for your concern and appreciate your continued support. If we stand together nobody can take our club away from us.

We’ll be seeing you again really soon,


Apparently, our neighbors to the north are also dealing with medical marijuana discrimination and persecution. No matter what country a person lives in, they should always have the right to use marijuana for medicinal purposes (and recreational in my opinion), without constant harassment by law enforcement. Because of the POINTLESS raids that were conducted in Toronto today, thousands of patients have no medicine.