Dispensary Touring: Another Benefit to Retirement in Portland

Since my retirement I’ve started what I call dispensary touring.
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Last year, 2016, after attending the 420 smoke out on Mt. Tabor, I walked off the mountain and wandered over to a 420 event at Service Studio PDX on Glisan to which I had purchased the VIP ticket. The event was presented by the Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge, and I made a point of meeting the folks in charge of it so that I could thank them. One of those folks has become a friend of mine, Josh Taylor.

Last Saturday, Sabertooth, along with Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge, hosted a Dispensary tour which was open to adults 21 and over and was absolutely free. All you had to do to participate was to get a free ticket for the timeframe you were interested in and show up at McMenamins Crystal Ballroom at the proper time. Josh had posted the event a few times on his Facebook page and was still looking for participants on Thursday when I picked up tickets for Frankie and me.

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It was wonderful catching up with Josh at McMenamins, since we hadn’t seen each other since the election.  After a few minutes three other folks joined us, and by 1:30 Andy, our driver, was driving us east to visit Farma dispensary on Hawthorne.  (I understand that some of the other tours visited Panacea dispensary on Sandy.)  The folks at Farma were great to us and offered everyone on the tour a discount along with reduced pricing on some of their bud.  This was a great opportunity to get special pricing, which is quite so appreciated.

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Upon our return to McMenamins, Josh asked about our experiences and then handed out gift bags for each of the participants.  The fact that the sponsors wanted to gift product that contained THC, there could be no charge for the tickets to the event.  So, with our free tickets our gift bags included a cone of 3 RAW pre-roll papers, a RAW lanyard, at least one Mazzy pre-roll from Eco Firma Farms, at least one pre-roll from 7 Points, an infused chocolate from Leif Medicinals, a cannabis extract oil from Luminous Botanicals, and then Josh threw in an Eco Firma Farms knit cap just for fun.

I think that it is absolutely wonderful that companies will sponsor outings like this and am surprised that they are not more well attended. Personally, I will continue my dispensary touring to see attend as many as I can!