How to Be a Marijuana Dealer – Starting Up

Karma is a big force in the marijuana industry. If you are a jacker or welcher, then chances are people won’t deal with you.
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If you are straight up, and play by the unspoken rules, people will clamor for your business. There are a lot of growers and bulk sellers out there, and they are always looking for solid customers to join their team.

You will know that you have become a successful marijuana salesman when you have gotten past ‘the hump.’ This is a term that my friend and I used when we were growing up. The general evolution for a marijuana seller is typically as follows: you start out just wanting free weed. ‘If I could just smoke my brains out for free, I would be happy’ is what you tell yourself. Then there comes a point where you are making so much profit, and hooking up so often, that you couldn’t smoke all your profit even if you tried (which chances are, you have tried hard!). That, my friends, is ‘the hump’ that I am referring to. Once a seller crosses this point in their career, they will probably last awhile and always hustle in some form, or at least try to.

Finally, here are a few things that you DON’T NEED if you are trying to become a successful marijuana dealer:

Random, Useless Possessions — I understand that running into a new stack of cash is exciting, but blowing all of your profit on stuff is a bad idea for several reasons. First, like I previously discussed, cash is a high commodity in the hustle. The more money you have, the more you can buy, etc. If you blow all of your bank roll on a new car or whatever, you won’t be able to continue making money like you have been (not to mention it brings attention when you are constantly spending money, yet work at a fast food place or have no job).

Guns — Law enforcement looks at marijuana and guns as the worst combination (not sure why), so if you can avoid having a gun where you do business, that is a good idea. Plus, if you feel the need to carry a gun around because you sell marijuana, than you are obviously dealing with the wrong crowd of customers!

High Profile — The expression ‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’ is a common phrase uttered amongst marijuana dealers. Yes, you are making a lot of money selling marijuana, and yes, many people think that is cool…However, sitting in a jail cell, or getting a jacker’s gun pointed at your face is not cool, and should be avoided at all costs. The best way to ensure this is maintaining a low profile. Know when to have fun, and know when to be conservative. DRUG HABITS AND ALCOHOLISM ARE A PLAGUE, AND WILL RUIN YOUR BUSINESS WITH THE QUICKNESS!!

I encourage others to add tricks and tips to this article in the comments section. Look for the second installment of this series — ‘How to Be a Marijuana Dealer — Growing Your Business’ in the upcoming days…

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