How to Be a Marijuana Dealer – Starting Up

Now, compare selling in bulk with selling it by breaking it down. Finding a 3000 dollar pound is easy on the West Coast, and if you can break that down into eighths and half ounces, you make a ton of money
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In the aggregate, you make far more money off of that pound than had you sold it in bulk. Also, you have the added benefit of not having as much on you. When you are going to deliver an eighth or half ounce, you are under the limit in most jurisdictions for trafficking. However, there is an increased risk due to the fact that you have increased exposure on the streets. When you sell in bulk, you are selling to one or two people, doing one transaction ‘every so often.’ When you sell it by breaking it down, you are completing dozens, if not hundreds of transactions in order to get rid of the weight, and meeting people all of the time. A benefit, however, is that when you buy it in smaller increments, it is easier to find. I know 100 people at any given time that have an ounce to sell. However, I only know a few people that can get huge bags of it on a moments notice…I know people that are firm believers in both styles of marijuana sales, bulk or breaking it down, and clearly there are benefits and drawbacks to both.

Setting a selling price is crucial to your business, and it can vary from customer to customer. Let’s face it; some people are savvier than others. You should never rip anyone off, but realize that there are some rookies that will pay more than veterans. There’s a famous quote that I always tell people, ‘You can sheer a sheep many times, but you can only skin them once.’ Meaning, sure you can make a bunch of money off a person in one transaction, but you can make far more in the long run if you give them a decent deal, and they give you all of their business and keep coming back to buy more. Selling marijuana in this regard is like any other thing in economics — find the price where supply meets demand and you will do good business. Click here for a great article about marijuana prices.

One thing that you will run into (guaranteed) when you start selling is the ‘buddy hook up.’ Whether it’s your best friend, or your relative, or even your spouse, you will run into times that they want the hook up, and since they know you so well, they want a deal. When you encounter this, you have to handle it with care. Remember — FELONIES ARE NOT FOR FREE. You shouldn’t be hooking people up for free, not even your inner circle. There is a lot of risk involved, so make sure that you are compensated accordingly. By no means am I saying that you need to tax the S out of your buddies, but make sure that they at least smoke you out or hook you up with a sandwich or something. And if it’s a reoccurring thing, found some equal ground. Explain to them that you want to make it work for everyone, so ‘let’s figure out a price that will make everyone happy.’ Remember, a happy customer and a happy seller will do business forever; it’s when the deal gets shifted in favor of either side that people usually look for other hooks/customers.

Another thing that you will run into is the ‘harassing customer.’ Anyone who has sold knows this guy — he calls every 2 minutes, sends texts every minute, and has even been known to show up unannounced in person. These types of customers can break the will of even the most seasoned veteran. I understand that people have to sell to these customers out of necessity, but if you can, avoid these people at all costs. My friend’s mom put it best, ‘They want what you have. If they need it so bad, they will wait for your time to free up. If not, than clearly they didn’t need it so badly.’ Find a good balance of customers that are mellow, and appreciate your services.