Innovations In Marijuana Smoking: Blunt Wraps

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Previously, I have written about how to roll a blunt. Now I will talk about a revolution in smoking that takes all the effort and mess out of rolling a great blunt – blunt wraps.

I don’t claim to be a weed expert; oh wait, yes I do. I have smoked weed almost every day for over half my life. I smoke all day every day, but at the end of the day when I really want to get blasted, many times I turn to the blunt, and the wraps have definitely enhanced my life.

Blunt wraps have been around for a while, but we have noticed that in the last couple of years, there has been a huge increase in the availability of them. You can buy them anywhere: convenience stores, smoke shops, and even some grocery stores will have them. Basically anywhere that sells tobacco will have them.

I like the blunt wraps over a regular blunt for many reasons. For one, there is no tobacco to empty out. This eliminates maybe the most perilous aspect of rolling a blunt since many a good cigar has been destroyed by sloppy cutting. Also, the blunt wraps seem to stay fresher longer, which makes them less prone to cracking. The wraps also have a little extra width to them so you can fit more weed in them and it makes it super easy to roll.

To help conserve pot, I will take some shake or leaf and put it in my grinder with a couple nuggets of Oregon’s finest and mix it up. It makes a perfect little pile of fluffy pot perfect for rolling.

The wraps come in many different flavors such as strawberry, peach, sour apple and blueberry. I recommend anything by Royal Blunts but what’s most important is that they are fresh.