Marijuana Jar – Rasta Leaf & Lion

These USA made thick glass storage jars are designed with air tight sealing æpop-topÆ lids to keep the contents fresh, you will actually hear the air-vacuum pop when you open your jar.
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In a range of fantastic designs they are a superbly designed solution to keeping all of your herbs and spices fresh.
Small Dimensions: 3.25? (8cm) x 2.5? (6.5cm)

Small Capacity: 5 fl. Ounces / 1/4 oz herb / 150 ml / 7 grams

Medium Dimensions: 4? (10cm) x 3? (7.5cm)

Medium Capacity: 7 fl. Ounces / 1/3 oz herb / 200 ml / 10 grams

Large Dimensions: 4.75? (12 cm) x 4.5? (11cm)

Large Capacity: 24 fl. Ounces / 1.5 oz herb / 710 ml / 42 grams

Weight: L: 550g / M: 390g / S: 180g

Price: $15.58 to $23.40 for small and medium (large price not available at the time of this post)

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