Marijuana Movie Review – Stoned Bros (2013)

Do you have the munchies for a good solid Friday night blaze-fest
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By Andrew Cage

With heart and soul that reminds you of the wild road trip you took with your best friend in summers past? If that trip ended in a toked up chaotic run for your life from a psycho demon dog, then even better, because Stoned Bros is probably the midnight snack you’ve been holding out for. It’s fast and laugh out loud funny, but more important than all that; it’s just a great ride!

Cousins Eddie and Charlie hit the road – stocked to the nines with one hundred of mother natures finest rolled friends – to discover their Aboriginal ‘blackfella’ roots and hunt down a sacred stone their uncle gave Eddie, hopefully they can discover its secret significance along the way and find a true calling to life. But Charlie, with splif in one hand and good intentions in the other; manages to screw it all up along the way.

Leon Burchill plays Charlie and boy does he take the cake, he’s such a pain in the ass – and we all have that friend – but no matter what he does along the way, we can’t help but love him in the end. He’s a mess, a fuck up, a loser, but he has a heart of gold and he’s the heart of the film.

The whole thing is a bit of a trip itself, it starts like any other day at work and as the clouds get thicker the film gets stranger and stranger, drawing us into its puffy embrace and along for the crazy ass journey deep into the Australian outback and the people they meet along the way – there’s a never ending supply of odd ones poking their heads in and out of the story as Charlie and Eddie pass through the dusty outback.

Stoned Bros is a solid, good natured and easy-going trip. Sit back, light up, and have some fun. Three and a half spliffs.