Marijuana Product Review – Herb Preserve

Stash Jars Comparison — Herb Preserve is Clearly the Best
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Herb Preserve has a strong, loyal following all over the country among progressive growers and serious smokers who have turned to the stash jar company for top of the line preservation, industry leading customer service (100% Guaranteed), and stunning style.
Herb Preserve customers have seen the benefits of being able to preserve nugs and herbs over six months. More people are buying in volume and storing their buds in the large apothecary jar styles, which can save money. Also, casual smokers are able to relax and use their herbs at their own pace, without feeling a rush to use it all before it dries out (which it seemingly NEVER does). We keep saying it over and over… If you haven’t tried them yet, you really have to.

To make the case even stronger, the jars were put to the test. Herb Preserverecently began releasing photos of real lab tests which pitted their revolutionary glass against clear and amber glass. The results will shock you.

In one test, scientists placed a small tomato in a clear glass apothecary jar and an airtight Herb Preserve apothecary. The tomatoes stayed sealed in the jars for seven months. When the results were revealed, everyone was stunned. The Herb Preserve tomato still looked EDIBLE… after 7 months! The clear glass jar’s tomato, on the other hand, was moldy and just plain gross.

In another test using chives, Herb Preserve’s deep purple glass screwtop jar went against amber and clear glass screwtop jars. After 2 months, the findings were again truly shocking. While the chives in the clear and amber glass were dried out and suffered tremendous color fading, the chives in Herb Preserve’s jars were green and truly fresh! Imagine what it could do to your herb.
How are Herb Preserve’s containers so superior to everything else on the market? It starts with the ultraviolet nature of the glass. Their jars are optimized to block out ALL visible light. Beneficial UVA and UVB rays are permitted to pass through, which enhances whatever it kept inside and limits growth of mold, bacteria and other nasty things.

In addition, their glass is airtight, smellproof, and durable. They have a stringent quality assurance policy; each jar is thoroughly checked for cracks and deficiencies before sending out. They are individually hand-labeled, professionally packaged, and 99% of their orders are shipped two days. They have dozens of reviews across their site, and it’s clear their customers are impressed.
If you still have any doubt, we’ve partnered with them on a sale. In celebration of 420, buy by April 30 and save 15% using coupon code 420STASH.
Say no to dry nugs.

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