Support Boulder’s Organic Cannabis Farmer’s Market

Life should be simple. And logical change and progression to and within society should be even simpler.
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By Barry Poppins

That is SimpleGov**‘**s clearcut motto and approach, as the intriguing-and kushy-startup seeks and delivers an interactive canvas for change. The most relevant change: certify an Organic Cannabis Farmer’s Market in Boulder.

SimpleGov allows citizens in any city in this country to make a simple request to its elected government officials-and then allows other citizens to echo this sentiment. In other words: rather than writing fruitless notes to elected officials, you can create your own campaign, call your officials out, and put them to task.

And in Colorado-where marijuana is about to become legal-that’s exactly what the A64 Local Task Force is doing. Cannabis is largely about community, but, unfortunately, the growers and cultivators within the community are forced to remain in the shadows. However, in a legal state, this could-and should change.

That’s why the Task Force has requested that Boulder’s Community Planning and Sustainability agency helps to allow the dream of a Marijuana Farmer’s Market become a realty.

As cities around Colorado discuss how to implement the legalization initiative Amendment 64, we believe it is important that local communities create standards and opportunities that are appropriate to the local culture.
For this reason, we are proposing that Boulder certify an organic cannabis farmer’s market zone district, where growers from around the state can sell their products to adult residents in designated places.
We would like the city to clarify that such a zone can operate under an Agricultural Zone, pursuant to 9-5-2 of the zoning code.

Support the cause right here by simply stating “you agree.” Yep, it’s that easy. And soon, change will be too.

Source: Marijuana.Com