The Future Of Marijuana Consumption – The Torchless Dab Nail

The first time I ever saw a torchless dab nail was at the Bay Area Cannabis Cup in 2012.
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The version I saw was just a prototype, and it was bulky. The person displaying it said that he was still working out some kinks. I remember thinking at the time how awesome the torchless dab nail was, and about all of the benefits of such a product. Since then I have seen a few more, but they were always barely functional and were always made in China. They broke easily and the people I knew that had them ended up going back to their torch setup sooner than later.

Yesterday I got my hands on a torchless dab nail made by Torchless Nail Inc.. I was so impressed that I had to pass it along. To be clear, I have never received even one dollar from the company that makes them, so this is purely my unbiased opinion. The first thing that struck me about the Torchless Nail was how small it was. The others I have seen were big apparatus’ that looked more like a scientific instrument than a dab device. The Torchless Nail can fit onto any quality dab rig and instantly eliminate the need for a torch.

I don’t know about you, but I never liked having to constantly buy butane. There have been too many times that I’ve sat down for a good dab session, had a good ball of dabs on my utensil, and went to heat up the nail and then found out that my torch needed more butane. I wanted to get high at the time – not run to the store. But I had no choice because I had already gone through the ceremonial dab session setup, so off to the store I would always go. It was always a total pain in the ass.

With the Torchless Nail, I will never have to buy butane again. If I had this earlier in my life, I never would have even had to buy a torch in the first place. A torch doesn’t cost a ton of money, but I obviously would rather have spent those dollars on dabs if I could have at the time. Probably the most impressive thing about the Torchless Dab is how fast it heats up. I have seen quite a bit of time spent heating up a nail in my day, and that need is eliminated with the Torchless Nail. By the time it takes someone to heat up their nail with a torch, I will have already taken at least three hits. Trust me, my uncle and I timed it out.

More and more marijuana events are banning torches at events. I remember the first major event I ever went to I was bewildered by how many people were carrying torches. I knew right then and there that things would eventually change for public safety reasons. I have never heard of there being a problem with torches, but I have to assume fire marshals are not OK with them. With a Torchless Nail, you can dab at any event until the battery runs out. If you can find power source you can of course recharge and you’re back on the road. With the Cannabis Cup coming to Oregon later this year, I assure you I will be taking major dab hits at the event while some others that are less prepared will be left scratching their heads wondering why their torch wasn’t allowed into the event.

The price for a full setup is $370, which if you dab as often as I do, will pay for itself overtime with the savings from not having to buy butane anymore and/or lost or stolen torches. The Torchless Nail is made in Oregon, not in China, which is something that I support and I wish more people did when manufacturing their products. Below are videos showing the Torchless Nail in action. It comes in a bunch of different colors, and can be purchased at storefronts (list can be found here) or bought online (at this link here). This is a link to the Torchless Nail website, where you can find out more about it. To those of you that swoop one up – happy dabbing: