The Importance Of Purging Your Dab Torch

This is because oxygen is not as flammable as butane so the oxygen from the chamber blows the flame out.
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By Aarr Kellz, Spaceship Earth Farms

The Why…

When you first take a brand new torch out of the box it has been freshly manufactured and sometimes the torch’s gas chamber has a little oxygen left over inside that needs to be purged before you fill the chamber with butane. If the oxygen is not completely purged then it can cause some problems in the torch like prematurely extinguishing the flame or not allowing enough butane into the flame to be as powerful as intended.

Purging also releases excess air pressure that builds in the gas chamber, expelling butane from your lighter every time you fill it. If the pressure is not released after each use, it can build and build with every refill, meaning less and less butane will flow into the gas chamber every time you refill it and more frequent refills may become necessary. Regular purging of ones torch will help prevent these
problems from occurring and allow you to use it for years to come!

The How…

I have found that the best way to purge your torch if it is not brand new is use it until it is completely out of fuel. Once it becomes completely depleted of fuel and the flame can no longer light, then go outside to a well ventilated area and turn the torch over and use a small wooden match or dab tool to press the butane fuel release valve down. Press down until you no longer hear any gas being released from the torch. At this point your torch should be completely purged of all gas. Wait about 2 minutes for any air in the torch chamber to stabilize and then try to ignite the torch. If any flame appears repeat the process again. If no flame appears then it is now time to fill your torch.

Fill your torch according to the manufacture’s directions. Always wait about 2-3 minutes after filling your torch for the gas in the chamber to stabilize and warm up to room temperature before using it. After a complete purge and refill you will find that
the flame of your torch is much stronger on the high setting and that it last much longer between refills. If you purge your torch on a regular basis and try to use a good quality butane it will last you for years to come.

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