“The Superhighs” Comic Book Released To Kindle

Sick of reading the same comic book where the Superheroes are all cookie-cutter
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Boy-next-door heterosexual white males? Collaborators and sisters, Dani Marie and Jessica Vitali challenges these stereotypes in their debut comic book “The Superhighs” currently available on Kindle

Set in Chronicopia, Massachusetts; “The Superhighs” follow two pot-smoking young women who save the world…by getting high. The superheroes, Mia and Clarissa work in a restaurant during the day and save the world at night. Are you having a heart attack and need CPR? Is your cat stuck in a tree? The Superhighs will be there ready and willing to assist you while trying not to get caught by their town’s government who wants nothing more than to catch these Superheroes.

While there are numerous depictions of marijuana use in comic books, there are very few in which highlight marijuana in a positive light. With numerous states legalizing medical marijuana and some going as far as decriminalizing it, Dani Marie wanted to further the dialogue of marijuana consumption by creating a comic book that showed characters responsibly consuming marijuana with positive outcomes.

Raised in Warwick, Rhode Island; Dani Marie, 25 is a graduate of Emerson College where she received her B.F.A. in Creative Writing. She currently resides in Boston where she smokes weed and freelance writes while occasionally working in a bar…you know to pay those pesky bills. Her sister, Jessica Vitali 28, has her undergraduate from Lehigh University and Masters from the University of Washington in Architecture. She currently works at an architectural firm in New Haven, CT. Ironically, she has never smoked weed. Ever. Not even once. This is the first comic book from both author and illustrator.

For more information, please contact Dani Marie at thesuperhighs@gmail.com. You can also visit their tumblr page or join them on Facebook.