The Wonderful World Of Marijuana Nectar Collectors

So, every day I walked by the case displaying the nectar collectors.
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By Smoke Cartel

Every day I totally doubted them being worth a try. I said to myself, “What is all the hype about these pieces, they can’t be all that everyone says they are!” I probably have never been more wrong about a glass device in my life! I quickly found out how to use the item and was intrigued with how easy they are to use. My next concern was finding one that worked really well for the needs that I am looking to satisfy. Surprisingly, I found out there are quite a few great options to choose from when selecting a nectar collector that suites you best. I mean, from dry pipes to wet pipes and travel size to party size, how could you not find a nectar collector that works for you!

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Nectar collectors are an upcoming new trend to the glass scene and they are gaining popularity very rapidly, with good reason too. These pipes can come in a bunch of various styles and are very easy to use. You are able to find large nectar collectors with water chambers that provide really smooth rips and are extremely fun to pass around among friends! What drew me into the nectar collector was the dry version, which I doubted the most, and how compact they are. I am always traveling and having a nice piece to bring along for travel that packs a big punch is always a concern of mine. Well, with the dry nectar collectors I have found my match and I cannot tell you how pleasing it is to have something other than my pen to resort to when traveling. All I need is a small jet torch which can fit in my pocket, an oil container that is heat resistant, and a nectar collector! There are several collectors out there that are made very small and can be taken apart to be even more compact for travel and will easily fit in your pocket.

Using a Nectar Collector can seem like a daunting task at first glance, but in actuality it is very simple to go about using one of these pieces. There are really only two components needed to accompany a nectar collector for it to be useful; a torch and mat or oil container that is heat resistant. Simply heat up the tip of the nectar collector with your torch and take a small amount and place on the container lid, put the nectar collectors tip close to the amount you wish to smoke and begin to inhale. The heated tip will begin to vaporize the concentrates you have put on the lid for you to enjoy, or you can even just stick the collector directly into your container and just rip away until you get the desired amount or the tip cools down too much to vaporize the product.

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Finding a nice nectar collector can be tricky but you just have to factor in what type of use this piece is going to receive. From there you should be able to make an educated selection. I find the collectors, the “wet” models, that contain water are better left at home to be used around the house. The reason behind this is because they can make a little bit of a mess and tend to be a little larger than the dry versions. Although, you will find some wet versions that are made as pendants that are very handy for travel purposes. The only downside to a water version is that they need to be kept vertical otherwise the wet models tends to leak out. The dry versions tend to be smaller and meant to be used as a travel/on-the-go piece. You do not have to worry about keeping these vertical and a lot of them are one solid piece of glass so there are less components to keep track of and worry about breaking. Before purchasing a collector you want to make sure to inspect it for any uneven glass or wonky fitting pieces. If you are purchasing a wet version of the nectar collectors I would check the seals and make sure water is not leaking before making the purchase, or be sure to purchase from a reputable vendor. You want a nice solid piece of glass that is well constructed because they will be taking a lot of heat, and they need to be resistant to that heat. The one downside I see to the versions with titanium tips is that they can expand the glass and cause it to crack, or the insert to eventually fit improperly. The all glass with glass tip hold up very well with proper heating and care, as well as provide a cleaner tasting smoke.

So get out there and find yourself a nectar collector to give a try! You will be pleasantly surprised with the experience, and may even find yourself in search of a nectar collector to add to your collection!