Tobacco, Pharma, And Alcohol Companies Plan To Enter The Marijuana

I personally will not support marijuana companies that are subsidiaries of tobacco, alcohol, or pharmaceutical companies
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For many decades now, marijuana activists have pointed out that marijuana is safer than tobacco, pharmaceuticals, and alcohol. We have always been quick to point out that those products kill people, that marijuana is a much safer alternative, and that those industries have no place in the marijuana industry. We have all speculated that tobacco, pharmaceutical, and alcohol companies will likely try to get a piece of the marijuana industry pie. This week, we got some confirmation that it appears our speculations are true, and that those industries have their sights set on the marijuana industry. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

The tobacco, pharmaceutical and alcohol industries are looking to get into the marijuana industry and plan to capitalize on the leverage those already in the cannabis space have built, several experts speaking at the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo said on Friday.

“The inconvenient truth is that Big Tobacco is coming for you and, surprise, surprise, she plans on giving it to you good and hard,” Patrick Basham, director of the non-partisan public policy research organization based in Washington DC and London, said during a speech at the conference – run by the parent company of Marijuana Business Daily – in Las Vegas.

While executives in the tobacco industry deny any interest in marijuana, the makers of cigarettes and other products see enormous potential in cannabis with many betting on the burgeoning industry as a way to offset their own shrinking businesses, he said. Basham added that tobacco faces a “perfect storm” of regulatory threats, negative public image, shrinking consumer base and, on a general basis, is a habit of less affluent and uneducated people.

Those industries have fought very hard to keep marijuana prohibition in place, and in no way do I feel that they should receive even one dollar from marijuana consumers. If/when I hear about a company that has ties to the alcohol, pharmaceutical, or tobacco industries popping up, I plan on posting articles urging readers to boycott those companies. If you agree, or disagree, with how I feel, feel free to post your comments below.