Vapor Genie – The Vaporizing Pipe!

It’s here…the world’s first vaporizing Pipe! Meet the Vapor Genie. This amazing device is capable of vaporizing your favorite herbs or tobacco in a very simple way.
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Instead of burning your herbs in a conventional pipe, the Vapor Genie heats your herbs at a much lower temperature and produces a robust and flavorful stream of vapor. Vaporizing greatly reduces the amount of tar and other toxins that can enter your lungs and cause damage. With the Vapor Genie, your days of coughing are over. This amazing device can be used with any type of lighter and is completely portable. It can easily fit inside your pocket. Since it employs no electronics, there is no need to worry about electronic malfunctions. For that reason, each Vapor Genie Vaporizer comes with a lifetime warranty.

What makes the Vapor Genie Vaporizer so enjoyable is the way you actually use it. It resembles a conventional pipe and is used in the same fashion. Once the Vapor Genie is loaded with tobacco or herbs, the flame filter is screwed onto the pipe. It’s very important that your herbs are properly grinded before inserting them inside the Vapor Genie Pipe. This ensures proper heat distribution and maximizes vaporizing efficiency. While applying flame to the flame filter, you inhale the robust and flavorful vapor. You can actually control the vaporizing temperature by adjusting the amount of heat applied and the speed of inhalation. However, it’s very imperative that the flame does NOT actually touch the ceramic filter. Once you gain enough experience, it’s possible to control the air stream temperature within a range of about 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The Vapor Genie Vaporizer is extremely easy to use and operate. Simply apply a reliable heat source (lighter) to the “herb chamber” portion of the Vapor Genie Pipe and inhale the flavorful vapor. These high quality vaporizing pipes are extremely durable and will last a lifetime. Each Vapor Genie is sealed with a natural food grade varnish and no glues or other toxic chemicals are used in the construction of the pipe. Nearly all the components inside the Vapor Genie are made in the United States. The Vapor Genie Pipe utilizes a ceramic filter that’s made of high-purity silicon carbide, which is one of the most heat-resistant ceramics available today. This silicon carbide is in a diamond crystal structure and does NOT contain any metals. That means your vapor will have NO metallic taste. Since the ceramic filter does not burn or deteriorate, you can be assured that you will never it to replace it.

The metal parts inside the Vapor Genie Pipe are constructed from stainless steel or chrome and it also incorporates a stainless steel screen and bowl. Measuring in at 4 and a half inches, the Vapor Genie Pipe is extremely portable. Unlike most electronic vaporizers that need approximately 5 minutes to heat up, the Vapor Genie is always ready. You can start vaporizing in 5 seconds flat. Literally. But the most attractive feature of this Vaporizer is the price. Coming in at only $49.99, this is a very affordable Vaporizer. Especially for someone who is being introduced to their first vaporizer. If you’re looking for a Portable Vaporizer or a simple to use Vaporizer, look no further. This device is as simple as they come. It also comes in multitude of colors like blue, red, green, black, purple, maple, and yellow. Vapor Genie has also released a new line of Aluminum Vapor Genies called the Vapor Bat. These amazing Vaporizers are even more portable and simple to use.

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