Vaporizer Comparison: Volcano vs Vapir Air

When it comes to smoking marijuana, there are many different ways to go about it.
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One favorite of mine is hitting the vaporizer. If you haven’t used one before, they are much easier on the lungs and are very effective at getting you stoned. The magic is in the way they heat the weed. They don’t use open flame, opting instead for either a heating element or an electric heat gun. The heat gun method is gaining popularity since it is easier to control the temperature. Typical vaporizers burn the weed anywhere between 300 and 400 degrees which is high enough to burn the good stuff while leaving all the bad stuff behind. If you want details or specific information(since I’m not trying to claim to be a physical scientist), check out this article.

For comparison purposes, I will use the two types of vaporizers I have recently owned as reference. They are the Vapir One 5.0 and the Volcano Digital. Here are some videos showing how the two work:


Friend of the blog, Master Bong, shows us how he uses his Volcano:

And here’s another good video:

Vapir Air 5.0 Digital Vaporizer:

Here is a good demonstration:

As someone who has used both of them, I can definitely say work well, with the most fundamental difference being how loud the fan on Vapir Air is. Additionally, the Volcano seems to produce a thicker vapor and appears to fill the bag faster. When you take into account the fact that the Volcano can cost up to four times as much as the Vapir Air, the gap between the two is greatly narrowed. So in summary, the Volcano is a great vaporizer and if budget is not a concern, it’s a superior product. If you are looking for something a little more reasonable, the Vapir Air 5.0 is a solid choice as well.

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