Weed Star Heady Glass Bubbler – Large Galaxy Marble

This Weed Star Heady Glass Bubbler is simple in design yet astonishingly eye catching.
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The glass bubbler is mainly cobalt blue in colour and is characterised by its large galaxy marble sticking out at the front bottom in the middle. Just above the marble, there is a large Orange and Green switchback design that covers most of the midsection and carbhole on the side.

The tear drop shaped mouthpiece also has a large orange and green switchback design and sits on top of a crescent shaped chamber that is attached to the bottom half of the piece. Just below the crescent shape there are two identical tentacles which protrude from either side of the midsection and rise up to reconnect to the middle of the crescent.

Manufacturer: Weed Star

Production Line: Heady Pipes

Extra Features: Large Galaxy Marble, Teardrop Shaped Mouthpiece, Two Colour Glass Tentacles

Weight: 226g

Size: 185mm x 70mm

Price: $101.38

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