Weed Star Heady Glass Pipe – Tentacles

Tentacle Pipe This is another great heady glass pipe from Weed Star.
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The glass bubbler is mainly cobalt blue in colour with orange flamed switchback designs throughout. The pipe is characterised by the three tentacles protruding from different parts of the piece. The first tentacle comes out from the base of the bowl and reconnects at the midsection. The second tentacle comes from behind the bowl off the handle and reconnects towards the top, just below the mouthpiece. The final tentacle protrudes from the side of the disc shaped mouthpiece. All the tentacles are clear glass with orange coloured lines running throughout. On top of the cobalt blue background there are three sections with flamed switchback designs.
Manufacturer: Weed Star
Production Line: Heady Pipes

Extra Features: 3 Glass Tentacles, Disc Shaped Mouthpiece
Weight: 185g
Size: 215mm x 85mm
Price: $101.38
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