What Is The Best Thing To Combine With Marijuana?

Nothing Goes Together Better Than Marijuana and _______ by Ed Rosenthal
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A few weeks ago I held a contest across my social networks asking the question “Nothing goes together better than marijuana and _______”. I was so overwhelmed by the amazing response (over 700 of you chimed in) that my team made the following infographic to display the results.
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Some basic takeaways from your response:
Amsterdam must be on to something because coffee was an outrageously common response. In fact, coffee was mentioned more than other individual response
Gateway drug? More drugs was a very common response, but ironically the lionshare of the responses did not mention harder drugs. Hash was most popular, followed by more marijuana, and then beer (which is by the way my least favorite alcohol in the world). It is also worth noting that if coffee was considered a drug more drugs would be the #1
10 geniuses decided to state the obvious and answer “fire”
Love was included in 25 responses
My followers appear to be an enlightened bunch with responses like freedom, liberty, health and intellectualism greatly outranking responses like video games and even sex!
20 of you responded Ed Rosenthal and/or my books. I appreciate you dearly
and 30 of you filled in the blank correct answer: Everything, because everything really is better when you’re highCourtesy of Culture Magazine