Which College Sport Consumes The Most Marijuana?

The NCAA recently released a report on substance use habits for college athletes.
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Naturally, I skipped over all of the other substances and went straight to the data that had to deal with marijuana. Below is a summary of what the report said in regards to college athletes and marijuana:

  • 22% of athletes claimed to have used marijuana in the past year
  • Broken down by division, 29% of Division III athletes consumed marijuana in the last year, compared to 20% for Division II, and 16% for Division I
  • 25% of male athletes consumed marijuana in the last year, compared to only 17% of female athletes

By far the sport where athletes consumed marijuana the most was lacrosse. Nearly half of college lacrosse players consumed marijuana in the last year (46.3%). The next closest sport was swimming (32.7%), followed by soccer (31%). Track (18.2%) and basketball (19%) were the lowest on the list of sports in the report. Long story short, if you are looking to toke up on a college campus with an athlete, hit the local Division III campus and look for lacrosse players!