Why Is Oregon Marijuana So Cheap?

From Mid-Grade Outdoor To High-Quality Indoor, Oregon Marijuana Is Cheaper Than Ever
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I was talking to some very hip guys from California recently, and they were asking why marijuana is so cheap in Oregon (my home state). They were telling me about how marijuana is very plentiful in California, but that it still fetches 45 to 50 an eighth in a lot of areas. In Oregon, I know people selling ounces of top grade indoor marijuana for 100 dollars. Good quality outdoor is as cheap as 50 an ounce if you know the right growers in Southern Oregon.

There are many reasons for this. The biggest contributing factor is there are so many people growing marijuana in Oregon now. I remember once upon a time when finding marijuana was tricky, and as a result the demand heavily outweighed the supply. It seems like sometime around 2007 the pendulum swung in the other direction. Now for every person I know that buys marijuana in Oregon there are five people that grow it. The economic laws of supply and demand take over, to where now it’s a marijuana consumers buffet in Oregon.

Every once in a while I meet someone in Oregon that has been having a hard time finding marijuana. It blows my mind that people like that still exist in the Beaver state. I always point them in the right direction, provided they pass the scrutiny test. When I talk to people in Washington, it sounds like the same thing is occurring there as well. I know that in California, there are more growers than ever before so I would think the same problem would be occurring but not from what I hear. I suppose it’s a ‘haves and havenots’ type thing. It just seems like everything is more expensive in California too, so why would marijuana be any different!

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