Would You Stay At A ‘420 Friendly’ Bed And Breakfast?

Lodging Geared Towards Medical Marijuana Patients Could Be A Big Industry
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If you are a medical marijuana patient and you have ever traveled, then you know how lame it is to stay at a hotel where you have to hide what you are doing. As my friend told me today, ‘there’s not many things more ridiculous than being 50 years old, having to put a towel at the bottom of your door, and hope no one can smell what you are smoking.’ I couldn’t agree more, although I’m not 50 years old yet. Every trip that Ninjasmoker and I have ever gone on for TWB ended up with us in the same scenario described above.

I don’t know about other medical marijuana patients out there, but I travel with my medical marijuana, even to states that don’t allow it. I know the consequences of such actions but I look at it as my tendinitis doesn’t stop hurting just because I crossed state lines. This of course poses problems because smoking marijuana in a non-medical marijuana state comes with added risks compared to mmj states. In the states that have reciprocal agreements with Oregon, I still can’t smoke freely in a hotel room because of their policies and whatnot. But I’m a ninja, and if I have to go covert to consume medicine out of state, I’d rather do that then not consume marijuana at all.

I have always dreamed of a day where there were places that catered to traveling medical marijuana patients. A large scale hotel would be great, but I always envisioned a bed and breakfast sized establishment. Oddly enough, the same friend that I was talking about at the beginning of this article had the same vision. And unlike me, he’s actually thinking about doing it. He has an amazing place in the country. There are 14 vineyards within 20 minutes of where he lives outside of Eugene, Oregon.

He wants to have a different them for each room, such as the ‘bong room’, the ‘hookah’ room, and so on. There will be an ‘honor bud bar’ where you can use the marijuana and it will be added to your bill like it would with a hotel fridge. In Oregon, a grower can be reimbursed for their costs of growing the medical marijuana, so the owner would also have to be the grower, but that’s still a large customer base. Especially in Oregon, where we don’t require residency to be enrolled in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. People from Idaho to Wisconsin that are enrolled in the OMMP could come to Oregon to see the sites and stay at such a place.

My friend wants to call it a ‘bud and breakfast.’ I think that has a ring to it. There are a lot of events coming up in Eugene, such as the Global Marijuana March on May 5th and beyond. I know if I was in town, I would love to go to a place like that instead of a hotel, where I have to make a ‘sploof’ to blow the smoke through for fear of an overzealous staff member. Plus, I would like my dollars to go to nice people that believe in compassion, rather than a corporate ran hotel that likely has questionable cleaning standards. What do you think TWB readers? Would you stay at a place like that? Are there already places like that in your area? Let me know, I’d like to frequent those joints (pun intended).