Colorado Marijuana Tax Revenues Are Up Almost 100% Compared To Last Year


Marijuana legalization is working in Colorado. The industry is expanding at a rapid pace, people are getting quality jobs in the industry, and the state is benefiting from tax revenue that continues to climb. It has climbed so much in the last year revenues have grown almost 100% compared to last year. Per The Denver Channel:

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Tax revenues from marijuana are up nearly 100 percent.

County by county, new numbers from the Colorado Department of Revenue tell the tale.

In Denver County, revenue jumped from $954,000 in May 2014 to $1.5 million in May 2015.

In Boulder County, revenues jumped from $194,000 to $366,000 over the same period. Jefferson County saw a jump of $122,000 to $226,000.

The numbers in Colorado are staggering, and it really shows the impact of marijuana tax revenues when you break it up by county. Could your county use an extra $226,000-$1.5 million per month? I definitely know my county could benefit from a revenue boost like that, especially considering it's being created basically out of no where. And the best part is that the revenues will just continue to climb, with no end in sight. Every state in America should be doing this.