Colorado To Start A New Statewide Marijuana Education Campaign


Last year the State of Colorado rolled out a marijuana education campaign that left a lot to be desired, and offended many people. The education campaign involved putting giant rat cages at schools and other public areas, complete with water bottles. The cages were meant to urge Colorado's youth to not be lab rats. The education campaign was a complete failure, and was ridiculed by national media.

lab rat colorado marijuana education campaign

This year the State of Colorado is rolling out another education campaign, this time without any cages. The goal of the new campaign is to educate the public, and not to try to scare them. Per The Cannabist:

This year's campaign will be called "Good to Know." It's aimed at residents and visitors about how to safely use the newly legal drug.

The campaign will cost about $6 million. The money comes from taxes on recreational marijuana.

Colorado's chief medical officer says this year's campaign will be "broader and more balanced" than last year's lab rat campaign. That one was aimed at teens and tried to get them to avoid recreational pot use. But marijuana advocates found the lab rat campaign demeaning, especially its use of life-sized rat cages.

I will reserve judgement on the education campaign until it's fully implemented. It sounds like a good campaign, and is certainly better than last year's campaign. However, the same government behind last year's education campaign are the same people behind this one, so who knows what could happen by the end of the year.