Support The Columbia, Missouri Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance


By Dan Viets, Missouri NORML Coordinator and Show-Me-Cannabis Board Chair

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Dear Friends,

Please take action now to contact the Mayor and members of the Columbia City Council in support of Councilwoman Barbara Hoppe's proposed ordinance to add the cultivation of up to six marijuana plants for personal use only to our existing marijuana possession and medical use ordinances.  It is important to understand that this ordinance will not apply to people who are growing for distribution or sales.  It will only apply to people growing marijuana for their own personal use.  I have heard from a member of the Council who says he is hearing from opponents but has not heard from supporters.

We need to change that immediately.  Please take time right now to send an email message to Mayor Bob McDavid at and please write to at least one member of the Columbia City Council.  If you live in the city of Columbia and if you are not sure who your Council member is, please call the Columbia City Clerk at (573) 874-7208 or by e-mail at to determine that.  Otherwise, please write to all members of the Columbia City Council.  Their names and email addresses are Fred Schmidt,, Michael Trapp,, Karl Skala,, Ian Thomas,, Laura Nauser, and Barbara Hoppe, Please be polite but firm, and brief. Please urge the Councilperson to support Barbara Hoppe's proposal to add personal use cultivation to the Columbia possession and medical use ordinances.

Please ask the Council to pass this ordinance at its meeting on Monday, April 7 and not delay action by referring this matter to any City Board or Commission.

Once again, it is important that the Council members hear from us quickly and in large numbers. Please also plan to attend the Columbia City Council meeting on the evening of Monday, April 7 at 7:00 p.m. There will be a public discussion and a public hearing on the proposal that night. Even if you do not testify, it will be very helpful for you to be in the room and to stand or raise your hand when asked to do so in support of the ordinance.

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