Alaska Bill That Would Have Banned Marijuana Concentrates Is Defeated


Alaska has had quasi-legal marijuana for several decades now, due to the case of Rakin v. Alaska (1975). That quasi-legal status went to full legalization status after the 2014 Election, during which Alaska voters approved marijuana legalization on Election Day. Since then some members of the Alaska Legislature, and some municipalities, have been trying to attack the implementation of the successful initiative. One effort died yesterday at the Alaska Legislature. Alaska Senator Pete Kelly had sought to bad marijuana edibles, but that proposal was voted down fortunately. Per Alaska Dispatch News:

alaska marijuana legalization

After lengthy debate, an amendment introduced by Sen. Pete Kelly, R-Fairbanks, that would have made marijuana concentrates illegal in two years was shot down 14-6. Voting in favor of the ban were Sens. John Coghill, R-North Pole, Cathy Giessel, R-Anchorage, Donny Olson, D-Golovin, Lyman Hoffman, D-Bethel, Charlie Huggins, R-Wasilla, and Kelly.

In support of his amendment, Kelly spoke at length about marijuana concentrates. Kelly said voters were not aware that they were voting to legalize marijuana concentrateswhen they approved legalization in November. Voters "wanted the leafy stuff," Kelly said, not hash oil, edibles or other types of concentrates.

Kelly cited Colorado's experience with concentrates, saying problems were mostly due to marijuana edibles. He gave a hypothetical example of going over to "weird uncle Eddie's house," where a marijuana cookie would beleft out, and a child would eat the cookie.

"It is not a stretch to say that (children) will die" thanks to marijuana concentrates, Kelly said.

It's not a stretch to say that children will die from marijuana edibles? That goes beyond 'a stretch' into the realm of reefer insanity. No one has ever died from marijuana. Not a child, not an adult. I'm very happy that Mr. Kelly's bill was rejected by Alaska's Legislature. Marijuana edibles are a healthier form of consumption than smoking, and people should be encouraged to eat edibles, and not be subjected to unfounded scare tactics.