Capital Kickoff For Michigan Marijuana Legalize Petition Drive June 25


The Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Committee (MILegalize) will launch their petition drive to legalize marijuana in Michigan at the Capitol Building in Lansing on Thursday.

michigan marijuana

June 25 is the official start of the signature collection drive, which aims to place the issue of legalization of the possession and use of marijuana for adults in Michigan on the 2016 general election ballot. Over 253,000 valid signatures are required to do so.

The MILegalize program will allow each adult in Michigan the opportunity to grow up to 12 marijuana plants, it will jump start the hemp industry in the state, protect the current Michigan Medical Marihuana Act and generate revenue to fix roads, support schools and provide an income stream for local communities.

The kickoff begins at 1 pm with a rally on the steps of the Capitol Building. Petition signature collection training will take placeonthegrounds oftheCapitol Building intents, per Steven Sharpe, a MILegalize Director.

"This is the event everyone has been waiting for," said Jamie Lowell, another Director of MILegalize. "People across the state have been asking: when can I collect signatures? Where do I get the petitions? What's the proper procedure? This is where we answer all those questions."

Hundreds are expected to attend the rally, with all corners of the state represented. The rally and training will last several hours.

Source: The Compassion Chronicles