East Lansing Voters Pass Marijuana Legalization Proposal


I have always been a fan of local marijuana reform efforts in Michigan. Several Michigan cities and municipalities have voted to decriminalize or even legalize marijuana. Those local victories have built a lot of momentum for a statewide victory. The latest city to vote for marijuana reform is the East Lansing, where voters overwhelming voted to end marijuana prohibition for the possession or transfer of one ounce on private property. Per MLive.Com:

vote for marijuana

With 16 out of 17 precincts reporting late Tuesday night, 2,973 voters, or 65.57 percent, approved a charter amendment to repeal the city of East Lansing's current marijuana ordinances.

Now, the use, possession and transfer of up to 1 ounce of the marijuana is legal for people 21 years or older on private property.

Attorney Jeff Hank, who spearheaded the campaign, said he was pleased with the results. Between a statewide proposal being on the ballot, other city charter questions, the rain and finals week at Michigan State University, he didn't know what the turnout would be.

The charter amendment doesn't provide for stores or cultivation, but it will save East Lansing a lot of money on marijuana enforcement. East Lansing is yet another example of how local political efforts can help statewide causes. Supporters for marijuana legalization in Michigan can point to East Lansing's overwhelming victory as a clear example of how much people want marijuana prohibition to end in Michigan. I wish more cities across America would follow suit.