Evergreen: The Road to Legalization in Washington State

washington state marijuana regulations

A Feature Documentary About The End Of Marijuana Prohibition And Efforts To Make Washington The First State To Legalize

I came across a project on Kickstarter that I felt the need to pass along. See the information below, and consider making a contribution today:

'Evergreen' is a feature documentary that tells the inside story of the campaign to make Washington the first state to legalize Marijuana for recreational use. We trace the emotional peaks and valleys of the campaign as it gains ground throughout the state, and delve into the lives of ordinary citizens to see what they have to gain - or lose - in the changing tide of the drug war.

For ten months, we've covered rallies, marches, and heated public forums as the debate over this contentious issue attracts new and diverse voices. We've also spent time with key characters in the various pro and anti camps, shedding light on the nuances of this timely story and the unwavering conviction of the people involved. And we've also gained access into the lives of marijuana users throughout the state and those who are facing criminal penalties for marijuana charges.

Up to now, our dedication to this story - and the generous help of friends - has made all of this work possible, but as the campaign really heats up and the drive to election day begins, we are realizing just how big this story can be, and that we need more support to document it to the fullest extent. We have received considerable interest from various networks including HBO, CNN, and CNBC, and are putting detailed distribution plan in place to reach as many viewers as possible.

The latest polls are in. As of our launch, 57 percent of Washington State residents support initiative 502, and only 34 oppose it (9% undecided)*. Decades of failed drug policy and a severely disproportionate number of minority arrests and incarcerations have made even the most anti-drug citizens see that as a society, we have to look at alternatives to 'just say no.'

The time for change is here, and record numbers of people believe that time is now. And the place for that change is a sometimes forgotten progressive corner of the country, the 'Evergreen State' - Washington.