First Annual '420 Strike' Planned For This Year

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A First Ever "420 Strike" Has Been Proposed To Bring Awareness To The Failure Of Marijuana Prohibition.

A first ever "420 Strike" has been proposed to protest marijuana prohibition. Since the strike has the support of one of our hero's, Elvy Musikka, rest assured The Weed Blog will be doing what we can to help spread the word. For now, here's some basic information from the organizers:

In an effort to stop the insanity that has criminalized 25 MILLION of us in this country alone -- which means we are arresting over 800 THOUSAND people YEARLY and wrecking 2,000 lives on a DAILY BASIS we are proposing this First Annual 420 Strike on April 20, 2012.

On April 20, 2012 let your lack of money speak for you loudly and clearly! We will all join together and refuse to spend our money on any items or wares except those items that are directly connected to cannabis, made out of cannabis, hemp, marijuana or connect to an event that supports the marijuana movement.

It is only through our withholding our hard earned money that are we going to be able to show the government - we mean business!

Elvy Musikka is one of 4 patients in the USA that has a federal medical marijuana prescription (NOT JUST A MEDICAL RECOMMENDATION). She is proposing this event to raise awareness on how medical marijuana can help patients throughout the country. Join her in this cause of working with the government on changing the prohibition of medical marijuana.

The Weed Blog would like to encourage all of our readers to participate. The organizers have set up a Facebook "event page" to help get the word out and we will have updates as they become available.

Elvy Musikka