Free David DePriest - 22 Year Sentence For 12 Marijuana Plants

david depriest pow marijuana missouri

No one should be in jail for a plant. A petition has been started to free David DePriest, who is serving a long prison sentence in Missouri for growing marijuana 12 plants. Below is more info about the petition, which can be signed at this link here. The petition was started by the POW420 project. Please donate to their work so they can continue doing the great things they are doing:

David DePriest was sentenced to 2-15 year sentences in prison for production of marijuana and possession of more than five grams of marijuana and another 7 years for 'illegal' firearms. David is serving a 22 year sentence. David had 12 marijuana plants. David has filed for clemency from Governor Jay Nixon. Please, sign this petition to show your support for David. Remember, No-one belongs in jail for a plant.