Lawsuit Filed Against Missouri Narcotic Officers Association

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By Aaron Malin

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Director of Research for Show-Me Cannabis Aaron Malin filed a lawsuit today against the Missouri Narcotic Officers Association for repeated violations of Missouri's Sunshine Law. The suit was filed Pro Se in the Civil Division of the Circuit Court of Boone County.


The lawsuit alleges the Missouri Narcotic Officers Association "purposefully, or in the alternative, knowingly, violated the Sunshine Law" by repeatedly ignoring and denying lawful Sunshine requests to a "quasi-public governmental body." Malin has filed multiple Sunshine Law requests dating back to March 20, 2014 seeking budgetary documents and other specific records from the organization, all of which have been rejected or ignored entirely.

"The Sunshine Law is a mechanism for much-needed transparency in government," Malin said. "Missourians have a fundamental right to know how their tax dollars are spent, and I will use every tool available to bring questionable activity to light."

Malin has conducted research over the past year that has focused heavily on drug enforcement practices in Missouri. He's filed over a hundred Sunshine Law requests with dozens of agencies to obtain basic information about the tactics used to fight the 'War on Drugs' in Missouri. His findings are regularly published by Show-Me Cannabis here:

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