Moms For Marijuana's 420 Sign Making Contest


Get creative and win a prize!

mothers day mother's mom marijuana cannabis

The rules:

Make a sign that has YOUR reason for WHY it's TIME TO TALK about legalizing Cannabis. (Scientific facts must be verifiable to be included)

Take a picture of your sign (with or without you in the picture) and send it to with your age & mailing address. Entries MUST BE received by 11:59pm PTS on 4/20/2013

Winners will be judged by our Chapter Leaders and picked based on creativity and uniqueness.

Grand Prize - Moms for Marijuana Tshirt
1st Runner Up - Moms for Marijuana Stash Bag
2nd Runner Up - Moms for Marijuana Button
3rd Runner Up - Moms for Marijuana Wristband
4th Runner Up - Moms for Marijuana Stickers

Contest is open to anyone, ages 18+ are only eligible to receive prizes. Any entries submitted by >18 will receive a special prize for entering.

Then use your sign and wear your prize at your local Global Marijuana March on the 1st Saturday in May!!

Find yours here -