Once Sentenced To Life In Prison For Marijuana, Jeff Mizanskey Is Now Free


I just received the official word that Jeff Mizanskey is a free man. Jeff Mizanskey has served the last 21 years in a Missouri prison for non-violent marijuana only offenses. Jeff Mizanskey was serving a life prison sentence, with no eligibility of parole. But after a very hard fought public awareness campaign by the Show-Me Cannabis campaign and Jeff Mizanskey's family, Jeff was granted clemency, then parole, and is now free for the first time in over two decades. Below are pictures of Jeff Mizanskey with Show-Me Cannabis co-founder Travis Maurer, Jeff Mizanskey hugging a family member (I think it's Jeff's son, but can't all the way tell since they in the middle of an awesome and overdue embrace!), and Jeff with his attorney, the amazing Dan Viets (Jeff's attorney):

travis maurer jeff mizanskey
jeff mizanskey free
jeff mizanskey dan viets

Jeff Mizanskey is proof that no one should ever give up hope. Jeff Mizanskey is proof that the failures of marijuana prohibition can be overcome if people put in effort and fight for what's right. It's my understanding that there is going to be a press conference coming up during which Jeff Mizanskey will speak to the media, which I will post if/when I get the footage. That will be followed by a talk given by hardworking activist, and the co-creator of Show-Me Cannabis, Travis Maurer. Travis was the victim of a SWAT raid for marijuana in Missouri, and that's what inspired him to create Show-Me Cannabis, and to fight for Jeff's freedom. Below is more information about Jeff Mizanskey's fight for freedom: