Poll Shows Strong Support For Marijuana Legalization In New Hampshire


New Hampshire is a very important state in the world of politics. Presidential candidates visit New Hampshire early and often because New Hampshire is the first primary state that can make or break a campaign. A strong showing in New Hampshire can vault a campaign into the lead, and a poor showing in New Hampshire can put the writing on the wall for some candidates. New Hampshire is overdue for marijuana legalization, proven by a recent poll which found strong support for marijuana legalization. Per IB Times:

new hampshire marijuana

Support for marijuana legalization and decriminalization in New Hampshire is rising, particularly among Democrats and undeclared voters, according to a poll released Thursday. The poll, by WMUR-TV in Manchester, revealed that 3 in 5 adults in the first-in-the-nation primary state favor marijuana legalization, while 72 percent support decriminalization.

The poll suggests a growing shift in support in New Hampshire for marijuana-related issues, with pot decriminalization receiving bipartisan support throughout the state. As in much of America, liberals, young adults and Democrats have the highest rates of approval for marijuana-related policy issues, while conservatives, older adults and regular churchgoers primarily oppose it.

"National polls have shown majority support for legalization for a few years now," wrote Tom Angell, the chairman of Marijuana Majority, a pro-legalization advocacy group, in an email, "but this survey of voters in a key primary election state should be of particular interest to presidential candidates who are looking for issues that appeal to large constituencies."

I very much agree with Tom Angell. Marijuana reform is something that every candidate should support, and such a position would obviously help any candidate who stepped up and did whats right. Publicly supporting marijuana reform used to be considered politic suicide. Those days are long gone.